Hello! We have updated our buying process! We are currently paying 60% TCGPlayer on modern english cards (XY - current) and 50% on all other english cards and conditions. We are not currently buying modern bulk (common, uncommon, rares, energies, vstar cards, or code cards.) Please read below for further information!

How does it work?

You ship your cards to the address below, and once received, we will let you know! We do prefer cards to be in team bags unsleeved but well protected. We do also accept cards in sleeves, binders, toploaders, etc but it may take a bit longer for us to process the submission as it takes additional time to process the cards.

We will then carefully unsleeve all cards, and place them into our Roca Card Sorter (our daughter named her "Nini.") The sorter will automatically price and sort cards and create a spreadsheet with all the information and prices! Any cards that are over $50 estimated value will be priced by hand rather than the sorter (even though the sorter has never damaged a single card through 2,000,000 cards!)

Once completed, we will send you the spreadsheet with all the cards, along with our purchase price. If accepted, we can pay you via PayPal FF, Zelle, and Store Credit. If not accepted, there will be a base $50 sorting fee for the first 1000 cards, then an additional $10 fee for each additional 1,000 cards (rounded.) Once paid, we will ship back the sorted cards (sorted by set, then sorted alphabetically within each set) unsleeved and in team bags, along with any peripherals like binders/tins/ETBs. Please note we will not ship back sleeves or toploaders.

I want to send my cards, what do I do next?

Easy! Send us an email with a brief description of your cards (era, example sets, rough quantity, etc) to We will then provide you with an Submission ID, and provide further instructions on how to pack and ship. Our address is:

Beckett Castle TCG
Attn: Nini
2525 3 Mile Road
Suite 200
Racine, WI 53404

Please note we do reserve the right to reject buylist submissions once emailed. (Approval is required to ship.)


That's it! Let us know if you have any questions!